Curran, Bayer & Associates offer many different services to assist you in your business.  Please contact us to custom design a program for your firm to help ensure your compliance with federal labor regulations.  Here are some of the programs we can provide your business.
We provide proven guidance and resources to help you achieve and maintain compliance.  Our agricultural industry services include the verification and monitoring of your labor operations as well as those of your Farm Labor Contractors.  We will also monitor payroll, any farm worker housing and transportation, and field sanitation facilities to help ensure compliance with applicable state and federal statutes pertaining to agricultural workers.  We will set up a program for your company, tailored to your specific operations, to bring your firm into compliance with federal and state agricultural labor standards and to ensure continued compliance. We provide monitoring and review services for all types of employers.
We will perform a comprehensive, on-site survey of your business, encompassing all your employment practices subject to the various Wage & Hour statutes. For agricultural employers, this includes verifying the registration status and operations of any Farm Labor Contractors you utilize.  We will work with you to correct any instances of non-compliance.  
A trained staff can help your business function in compliance.  We provide training of all types, from one-on-one to multi-day company-wide seminars.
We are available to answer all your questions.  We provide representational services in the event of a Department of Labor audit.
We are available to provide litigation support to attorneys representing both employers and employees.  This includes expert testimony, records examination, and also employee interviews.  We have experience from the DOL perspective, including their policies and interpretations.
We will design a program customized to the needs of your business.

Statutory and Regulatory Disclaimer: No express or implied guarantees are made about the information we provide. The Federal Register and the Code of Federal Regulations are the official source for regulatory information published by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Curran, Bayer & Associates is not engaged in the practice of law. Any information provided is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. If you require legal advice you should seek the services of a competent attorney


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